About me

I was always a good student, until I started having problems with maths. But far from being discouraged, I did not stop asking himself questions.

Now I am The Scientist without Formulas. Let me tell you how I came to this point.

As a Scientist and Science Writer, I love to explore Storytelling in Spanish for a broad public, contributing to media such as The Huffington Post, Scientific American (Spanish Edition) and the webzine CCCBLab.

I was born in Barcelona but I live in Berlin. After earning a PhD in Physical Chemistry from the Technical University of Berlin, I spent ten years working in the field of Nanobiomedicine at the Max Planck Society, I became Head of Communications and then went to London to learn how to write stories, among others, at The Guardian. I currently work as International Scientific Coordinator and I write Science Stories about physics, but also in those of love, sex, fear, loneliness, creativity, success, education or of the future, in a different way: understanding the world without understanding the formulas.

Would you try it with me?


With the “Sweet bucky-balls” I helped to develope at the Max Planck and with Aila, an humanoid robot who broke my hear, some time ago.

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