The Scientist without Formulas

There is not a single formula which can explain everything, but we keep trying with the best we have: science, curiosity and imagination.

I bring you science stories because I want to understand.

Will you try it with me?

The Scientists without Formulas

This child never got along particularly well in Mathematics. In addition, he had the impulsive and tedious habit of always taking the opposite view of everybody else. The combination of both led the boy to become a scientist without formulas since, against the advice of his teachers, he decided to study science. That person was me, and I am glad I followed that path.

Because science can be amazing and it represents one of the major milestones of the human race: science has allowed us to travel in space – by using hydrogen rockets we have sent astronauts to the moon – and in time – by means of carbon isotopes we have dated human remains buried for millennia under ice. We have formulae to calculate the lifetime of a star or the pressure that Superman should apply on a piece of coal to turn it into a diamond. However, the complex reality of human beings, as well as of other living creatures, cannot be explained by simple formulae. For example, the physical attraction between two people, as well as the emotional bonds that bind them cannot be measured or calculated by the same kind of equations as those that describe the force between two particles.

Therefore, to understand love as well as many other aspects of our lives, we need to incorporate the results of many areas of knowledge, from chemistry and physics to neuroscience, without ever forgetting indispensable ingredients: critical thinking, creativity and imagination.

As Scientist without Formulas I immerse myself in the secrets of physics, but also in those of love, sex, fear, loneliness, creativity, success, education or of the future, in a different way: understanding the world without understanding the formulas

I bring you stories of science because I want to understand.

Will you try it with me?

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